Stef Mitchell’s photographs present a new vision unbound by the conventions of established commercial photography. Her work is characterized by its confident portrayal of youth and independence, reflecting an embrace of new experiences in an era of receding social and cultural barriers.


Mitchell was born in Australia and now resides in Paris. She is among a generation of artists who have emerged as deft distributors of their own creative works, as comfortable commanding digital platforms as with analog means, such as zines or drawings on paper.


Mitchell’s work has appeared in i-D, British Vogue, Mastermind, Replica, T Magazine and M le Monde. Her commercial clients include Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and Paco Rabanne. In 2016, Mitchell debuted Girl, her first solo exhibition, at Red Hook Labs. In 2014, Mitchell released New Wives Tales, a limited-edition collection of her drawings, published by Boo-Hooray Gallery.


contact: nicole lepage

1 Main Street
brooklyn, ny 11201
tel +1 212 206 0737