Born in Catalonia, Spain, acclaimed filmmaker Albert Moya gravitated towards art and cinema at an early age. As a teenager, Albert worked as an art director on film sets and, after assisting numerous directors in his hometown, moved to New York in 2013 to pursue his own career as a filmmaker.


Albert’s love of art, design, and architecture is inherent across his body of work. Inspired by experimental cinema, Dogme 95 and iconoclastic filmmakers such as Fassbinder and Carlos Reygadas, Albert sets out to create films that are evocative and unrestrained by contemporary cinema. Beauty and style are expressed with wonder and inventiveness. The sheer depth and poetry of Albert’s visuals alone render dialogue at times completely unnecessary. Viewers are left perceiving situations and experiencing characters in ways that feel surreal, yet utterly familiar at the same time.


His debut short film, “American Autumn,” led to collaborations with Dries Van Noten, which quickly established Albert as a serious creative force. Since then, Albert has continued to make ground-breaking work for brands like Dior, H&M, Loewe, Alaïa, Bulgari, Mulberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Rimowa.


Albert’s work spans across music, documentary, fashion and experimental film.



contact: billy albores

1 Main Street
brooklyn, ny 11201
tel +1 212 206 0737