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Carlijn Jacobs is a photographer and director based in Paris. Born in the Netherlands, she studied photography at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam where she gained early recognition for her witty critiques of mass culture. She is associated with a new generation of artists who have matured amid easy access to unlimited reservoirs of historical and contemporaneous imagery. Jacobs has drawn inspiration from Surrealism, Art Deco and Camp, which she employs as a sly counter to modernism’s conservative definitions of art.

Although she methodically plans her projects, she creates environments with an eye toward achieving surprising and unconventional results. Jacobs’ first monograph, Mannequins, was published in 2021 by Art Paper Editions. Her editorial projects have appeared in Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, AnOther Magazine and M le Monde. Her commercial clients include Chanel, Moncler, Berluti and Versace. 

contact: jessica daly

531 west 25th street, 4th floor
new york, ny 10001
tel +1 212 206 0737 fax +1 212 463 7267