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Erwan Frotin was born in 1978 in Toulon, France. He is Franco-Swiss and graduated from the prestigious art school ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2002.

Erwan Frotin's strange and evocative images renew the photographic genres which his work broaches by questioning their very specificities through his own particular approach to the subjects he portrays. While using the highly specialised technique of large format photography, Erwan's meanderings inflect his manifold aesthetic explorations of the very essence of image-making. His corpus of work has become a panorama that attempts to record the beauty and diversity of the natural world, heightened and enhanced by the prism of the photographer's own fantasies.

In 2002, Erwan was awarded the photography prize at the Festival de Hyères. Since then, he has exhibited his work at various institutions in Europe and North America. Acclaimed for his sculptural approach of subjects, Erwan is active in the fields of both fine arts and assignment work.

Since 2008, Erwan Frotin has adopted an intuitive and protean approach to his work which consists in cataloguing rare natural forms and organisms. This global search for curiosities belonging to the three kingdoms forges links that form an interconnecting circle associating plants, animals, minerals, landscapes and the elements themselves. Using documentary material as his starting point, Frotin's work unravels a nebulous, primary and sensorial story. Indeed, his work invites us to comprehend being and unity.

Erwan Frotin is also a lecturer in photography at the ECAL since 2008.
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