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Sam Rock has emerged at a time of renewed optimism in photography; the medium reinvigorated by fresh voices and new perspectives untethered from established convention. Rock’s work is characterized by a unique color palate, romanticism and nostalgia which he uses to construct a fantastical social commentary informed by shifting cultural tenets.

Rock is the founder of Gasoline Pictures, a progressive and diverse collective of photographers who work and collaborate to realize ideas and projects together in a uniquely synergistic way. Gasoline exists on digital platforms and as an analog publication.

Born in Yorkshire, England, Rock works in Paris, New York and London, where he is currently based.

Rock’s work has appeared in M Le Monde, True Journal, Re-Edition, 1 Granary, Office, Another Man, i-D, French Vogue, Arena Homme, Another, Double and Document Journal.

contact: becky poostchi

Arundel Street Building, 5th floor
180 The Strand
London WC2R 3DA
tel +44 (0) 20 7031 7301 fax +44 (0) 20 7031 7311