Grace Coddington’s remarkable contributions to contemporary fashion and image-making have shaped the public understanding of fashion as art and propelled her to a status enjoyed by only a mere handful of editors and stylists throughout the history of magazine publishing.


Coddington holds the rare distinction of having worked with some of fashion’s most celebrated photographers both in front of and behind the camera. She worked initially as a model, appearing in editorials photographed by Helmut Newton, Norman Parkinson and Guy Bourdin, among others. In 1968, she began working as a fashion editor at British Vogue, where she remained for nineteen years, rising to the position of Fashion Director and initiating her long-term working relationship with Anna Wintour. In 1988, Coddington joined Wintour at American Vogue, embarking on a creative odyssey incomparable among living fashion editors. Coddington’s on-set collaborations at Vogue have brought about many of the most iconic photographs in fashion history.


In 2012, Coddington published Grace: A Memoir, an insightful and witty chronicle of her life and observations gleaned over nearly six decades working at the highest levels of fashion and media. Much of Coddington’s signature work as a stylist and editor appear in 2002’s Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue and 2016’s Grace: The American Vogue Years. In 2006, Coddington published The Catwalk Cats, a comic depiction of her fashionable cats, Henri, Coco, Baby, Puff and Bart. Her latest publishing collaboration, Marc Jacobs Illustrated, features Coddington’s illustrations of iconic looks from every Jacobs collection between 1993 - 2019.


Coddington’s namesake fragrance, Grace by Grace Coddington, was created in 2016 in collaboration with Comme des Garçons Parfums. The fragrance, inspired by her lifelong love of roses, is packaged in a distinctive bottle alluding to her fondness for cats.


In 2018, Coddington sparked a viral sensation when Louis Vuitton released a capsule collection she designed in collaboration with Nicolas Ghesquière. Originating from their shared love of animals, the collection featured illustrations of Coddington's cats and Ghesguière's dog emblazoned across leather goods, ready to wear, shoes and accessories.


Coddington has received two lifetime achievement awards, one from the CFDA in 2002 and another at the Clio Awards in 2016. In 2009, Coddington received the prestigious Isabella Blow award.


Coddington is currently a contributor to British Vogue and W Magazine. She is based in New York City.


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